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Thread: Pro Render SDK Released and RoadMap

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    303 >>>> scroll down you see blender / modo / c4d others what you don't see is Lightwave <<<<

    LW you need to be apart of this ???????????????

    …and it’s Free!
    Free Radeon™ ProRender plug-ins are currently available for many popular 3D content-creation applications to create stunning, physically accurate renders

    AMD makes cheaper 32 core cpus than Intel have higher multi core efficiency than Intel kicks Intels ***.. 64 core AMD chips on the way

    AMD make cheaper High End GPU for content creators 2000 plus cores and higher bit memory bus than nvidia 512bit and up and now have their own GPU path tracer kicks Nvidia's *** they don't have one !!!

    AMD Gives away their GPU PRO render for free .... its a no brainer ^^)

    SPIN VFX using AMD Threadripper EPYC chips 64 Thread for VFX Content Creation:

    btw ...... Next-Gen PlayStation To Use AMD CPUs & GPUs
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    Isn't Iray an Nvidia Gpu renderer?

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    Just curious for those that know. Have companies like Netflix, Amazon, HBO made the CG industry more stable? I remember reading article after article of studios closing after a movie was released to theaters because that business structure wasn't stable. Studios would grow to meet demand of the movie being worked on, but then lay off when it was finished because there wasn't another movie in the pipeline already.

    Anyway just curious and I know I'm slightly off topic.
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    Nope, it has not. Film are projects to project business models. if you don't have work, you can't keep the staff. That is why it is a freelance industry for the most part. The only way to staff is to lock down work for the next 3 years, which doesn't happen unless you are like ILM who is owned by Disney and guarenteed work for all Marvel projects.

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