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Thread: Hard edges?

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    Hard edges?

    I am tasked with supplying assets to a second party for import into Unity. I am sending out FBX files from 2015.3, but we have 2018.7 available. The second party is checking them out in Maya, and complaining about "hard edges". I looked around in Youtube, and found some Maya hard edge, smooth edge tools, but in LW I don't know of any way to describe an edge as smooth or hard. It is all set up in the surface settings. Anyone have any advice on how to respond to this, or any advice on how to provide better FBX exports?
    Is there something in LW that I'm missing? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Apologies in advance as this may require spending money...

    Update to 2019 which added smoothing groups to address this issue. Maybe others will correct me. However, I believe this to be the answer you seek.
    There may be other external resources or someone may speak of a plugin available.
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    One thing you can do is not to send them an FBX but a unity package. in Unity select your fbx and look into the FBX import options then choose to calculate normals on import based on angle. 40 degrees works for most stuff. If you need to sharpen an edge that got softened by mistake split that edge in LW and overwrite the fbx in Unity. When it looks good select your object and export it as a unity package. Make sure you are using the same version of Unity they intend to use.

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