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Thread: Embassy Vfx Stuff Mark 1 Suit Siggraph 2008

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    Embassy Vfx Stuff Mark 1 Suit Siggraph 2008

    LightWave played an instrumental role for The Embassy Visual Effects in rendering all the digital shots of Iron Man’s Mark 1 suit and enhancing several
    scenes with animation and particles, " said Michael Blackbourn, lead 3D artist, The Embassy Visual Effects. "LightWave 3D gave us the power to create
    exactly what the director envisioned, from duplicating the complex look of the amazing practical suit, the animation of doors that get punched
    off their hinges, to the volumetric smoke and debris when the Mark 1 is flying and crash landing."

    Anybody know where this newtek coverage is ? or any video from Siggraph 2008 with Michael actually discussing this ?
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