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Thread: Lw_ui+

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    Hi raymondtrace, i do not know about OD_Workspaces but i can tell you that Lw_UI+ use the same restore mecanism in Modeler as in Layout.

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    >> Trial Version Available! <<

    LW_UI+ is now version 2020.4

    -Several stability and speed fixes
    -New Menu, more simple and elegant
    -Fix UI artefact in Hide Title Mode
    -Transparent Mode for Node Editor OR/AND Graph Editor OR Both.
    -New Setup installer with/without Workspaces
    -New Manual

    -2x+ Faster
    -No more flickering when panel havn’t changed
    -Shift+Click through the superposed and transparent Node Editor
    -Pause read the ini config

    -Fixes Graph Editor Resize

    -Fixes LWSurface/MD_Image bug
    -Fixes Modeler AutoSize Panels
    -Demo Version
    -AutoPause Mode for CTRL+number workspace
    -Transparent Morph Mixer
    -UI_Empty fix

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    The Trial version is now 2020.5.
    - It wasn't able to store any workspaces in Num 0-9, Sorry about that.
    - somes fix have be done too

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    LW_UI+ is now 2020.8

    - Lot of Bug fixed
    - Demo is now 7 days period

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    LW_UI+ is now 2020.11

    - Several Fixes
    - Workspaces can be saved with Force Dynamic or Force Manual Option
    - Hide mode is no more experimental but stable
    - Check for update button
    - Autofit of the Scene Editor or Modeler Tools are now an optional mode.
    - Add shortcuts to some Lightwave panels that don't have any by default:
    Ctrl NUM / to open the Custom Item Panel
    Ctrl NUM * to Fold/Unfold Surface & Image Editors
    -Control Transparency of panels with Ctrl NUM +/-

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