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Thread: The Space Wall

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    The Space Wall

    Been so long since I've posted here. I'm working on an animated short film all in LW and just finished this little teaser trailer for it.
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    Very cool.

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    Really fun! Looking forward to more!

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    OOh lovely, I love the style!

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    Nice to see you back here. Lovely retro style.

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    Love your movie "Windows". Literally, I did give it a vimeo heart, seriously, that was an inspired piece of work.

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    Thanks guys. I'm keeping the style very simple so I don't get killed on render times. Not using any radiosity, just basic lighting.

    djwaterman, thanks! I've gotten some good response from that film.

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    if it was a Movie, i would've bought a ticket.  

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    Fantastic trailer!!!
    Going to check out “windows” now.
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    Had to take down the teaser temporarily for some music rights stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otacon View Post
    Had to take down the teaser temporarily for some music rights stuff.

    I can't wait to see it once you have it back up.
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