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Thread: HDMI audio from laptop distorted (warbly)

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    HDMI audio from laptop distorted (warbly)

    The laptop I use to interview folks and which I run into an input on my Tricaster Mini has had audio coming out warbly ( "bubbly audio") when it comes out of my tricaster. The laptop is running Windows 10. When I take this laptop to my 42" TV and plugin via HDMI there, the audio has no problew. The audio from HDMI from my desktop running Windows 10 is also fine. What could be the problem with my laptop audio and the Tricaster (since it plays fine on my TV)? Is there a certain driver matchup that is causing this?

    It is usually an intermittent problem, occurring fairly often after beginning use of the Tricaster on a given day. But today it took me about 2 hours of restarting, unplugging and re-plugging of both ends of the HDMI cable (laptop output and Tricaster input), flipping the audio output selection on the laptop's sound settings from Tricaster to Speaker and back again. Then it all of a sudden sounded normal again. Any reports of this problem being a thing in the Tricaster community?
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    Try NDI Scan Converter instead. Direct-connect laptop to TriCaster with an Ethernet cable (both machines must be on same network settings, and set to PRIVATE not Public)


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