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Thread: Formatting Coutndown Timer

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    Formatting Coutndown Timer

    We've made some cool countdown timers with just photoshop files imported into the buffers and use of the %Time Until Next Event% variable (or something close to that).

    Often I crop the extra hour zeros off the left, but sometimes that's not idea based on the layout.

    Is there anyway to format this output to come out as just MM:SS instead of HH:MM:SS?

    Also - any way to force a fixed width layout into fonts that aren't fixed width? You're someone limited to those fonts, otherwise the numbers are constantly shifting as the count goes down.

    Either way, nifty variable. We use it a lot.

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    I don't think you can reformat the output of the default time keys. I took a look at the following methods, but they didn't apply:

    You can force a minimum number of whole digits before and places after the decimal as in the following example.

    If the current value for “some numeric key” is 12.23456789 , we can force the title page to display four places before the decimal and just two after by using the following DataLink entry: %some numeric key[4.2]%]

    The displayed result will be “0012.23” (without quotation marks). Positive and negative values can also be displayed.
    Expressing a number as a percentage (of 1) can be done using as follows: % numeric key[ percent]%
    So I guess you'd need to enter a feature request to support something like %Time Until Next Event (MM/SS)% - this would be consistent with the way date formats are handled.

    On the other matter, I think you'd need to use a fixed width font. According to Google, monospaced fonts in Windows may include Courier, Courier New, Lucida Console, Monaco, and Consolas), although some sites list less or other examples.
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