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Thread: LightWave 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by gar26lw View Post
    400 points? how anyone gonna test anything with that?
    They don't test. They discover for as long as they want. That's what discovery mode is. That's not what a trial is.

    You're confusing a trial mode and discovery mode. VonBon was only asking about a trial, which is fully functional for 30 days.

    Now somebody is going to ask:

    30 days? how anyone gonna test anything with that?

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    in all cases i’ve installed demos i’ve never had the chance to get to trial/test/demo/experiment/whatever them to fully or even partially discover anything meaningful in 30 days due to other commitments.

    i think demo would be better off being extended for longer. the only thing you’re gonna discover after that is blender as there is no restriction.

    my point being the restriction is so tight that it’s next to useless so who is going to open it?

    i guess having a free educational version would sort things, same as adsk. i figure they thought what the hell, blenders free anyway and we want the next gen of users to be familiar with adsk products.

    there was a survey on here and i think most lw users were 35-45+ going on 60ish.
    i don’t see what’s to be gained.
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    I agree..30 days is too little time do a decent test of a software, I have forwarded this to the modo team as well, I just havenīt been able to evaluate it enough, with lightwave I at least know it much more and can disregard a lot of stuff for testing, but this time I upgraded..without having had the chance to try it enough.

    Enough isnīt a whole year, it is by all means Double the time..two months, anyone trying to make a living for two months and doing so with a two month trial version..donīt think so.
    Everyone would benefit from a 60 day trial in my opinion, unless the authors are well aware of that their software isnīt up to good standards and want to sell a pig in the sack.

    If I would have had the time to try Modo for 60 days, I may have already purchased it, but I gave up on evaluating it..cause I knew it will take more time to try it out that Lightwave that I know so much more about, Itīs their loss not providing a longer trial period, but this may be equally valid for newbies that has never tried Lightwave as well...Except that it goes in to discovery mode which allows for exploring it more, not sure Modo has that kind of trial and end of trial mode?

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