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Thread: Virtual PTZ and 4K source

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    Virtual PTZ and 4K source

    Hi There.

    Let's think about a single 4K source, coming from either a Spark Pro or NC-IO, and assigned to several TC1/VMC1 inputs to make use of the Virtual PTZ feature, so I can switch between several HD windows from the single 4K source.

    - Concerning bandwith, will I get the 4K NDI feed coming only once into the Tricaster , or one feed for each assigned input ?

    - Will I get individual virtual PTZ presets for each input, or the presets are tighted to the specific source ?

    Also, maybe anything new from NAB concerning V7 and the PTZ presets managment ? My client would have to upgrade to V7 to use NPA and virtual PTZs, which he wanted to avoid until now due to the PTZ presets.

    Thanks in advance !

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    I'll just comment on the last part of this for the moment - someone leaked screenshots of the new ptz/vptz UI a week or so ago. I can more confirm this is true:
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