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Thread: running a remote render farm

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    running a remote render farm

    Is there a way to make a computer be a render node online where i can send it a scene and it renders it to a folder i can access online as well (for output)?


    my friend has a spare computer he wants to dedicate to rendering for us.

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    Hey VonPietro

    A plug and play solution along these lines would be great (not sure if such a remote render manager exists) ...

    ... a less "smooth" option could be to remote desktop to that computer, copy over you assets and render away.

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    I used to do that couple of years ago, using LigthNet:Cloud from Joe Justice. Can't tell if it still works with 2019, though. It hasn't been updated recently.
    Basically, I had a couple of computers at home and some others in another location that were remotely loading content from my NAS running a ftp server, and saving renders in the same location. A bit tedious to setup, but very handy. | 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.


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