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Thread: Flocking Solders Backward Running Issue

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    Flocking Solders Backward Running Issue


    Iím having an issue in 2010.0.3 with Flocking. The characters run in the right direction towards the goal during the Calculate All Motions. But when I scrub the timeline, the characters turn around and run towards the goal facing backwards. Itís a simple hill where the characters in the Flock runs straight towards the goal.

    Iím following IvanBís great tutorals here:

    and here

    My hack is to go into the Instance Generator, select all of the source characters and change the Min Heading and Max Heading to 180 degrees. The characters run backwards during the Calculate All Motions but the run the correct way scrubbing the timeline.

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    I haven't seen the videos or tutorial cited but, generally speaking, the source object that's being instanced needs to be facing Z positive for it to be properly orientated for Flocking. If you rotate the source object in Layout to face the proper direction (probably on H from your description), it should face the Director object.

    If the object (or multiple objects if you're using offset animations or otherwise different animations) is using MDD displacement for animation, you'll need to switch Apply Cache to Local Space to be able to rotate it.

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    Thanks Greenlaw, that did the trick. I didn't know about changing to Local Space issue. I appreciate the help.

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