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Thread: Looking for Lightwave 3D artists in the Greater Tororonto Area (Canada).

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    Looking for Lightwave 3D artists in the Greater Tororonto Area (Canada).

    We are a leading design agency who does a lot of hard surface visualization in lightwave 3d. The ideal candidates would be skilled at modelling, texturing and lighting still images. Able to take a sketch and build it up to a render ready LWS scene file with tight deadlines. The emphasis is on bringing a visual to life with clever problem solving and healthy dose of design flair. If you have strong sketching skills, that is also a bonus. This is not a position that requires animation skills.

    The ability to work in at least one of our Toronto based offices is a must, as there is a lot of collaboration required.

    We ware looking for freelancers at the moment, However this working relationship could lead to full time employment. If interested, please send a resume and a few samples so we can learn a bit about you.

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    Hello Whodini.

    I'm not in Toronto, however I can help you with your freelance projects. Let me know if we can make it work remotely .

    Here's my downloadable portfolio. All renderings done in Lightwave (native render and octane):

    Looking forward to reading about you.


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    ed modeller/animator Lightwave 3D

    Hi there. My name is Jacob Grant. I am a freelance 3D modeller/ Motion graphic designer based in the UK. I am looking to find a rewarding contract at home or abroad that I can remotely.

    Please take the time to have a look at some of my works.

    This is all lightwave and After effects work.

    my email adress is [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards


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