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Thread: Best Solution for capturing Laptop video/audio

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    Best Solution for capturing Laptop video/audio

    First sorry for this basic question. I have a laptop running a powerpoint with audio. Laptop HDMI port is connected to projector. What is the best way to bring video and audio into Tricaster? NewTek NDI Scan Converter?

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    If you have the laptop and the TRICASTER on the same network - Download the NDI scan converter app for the power point computer- connect to the network and start the NDI scan converter- This will send the PPT image to the TC - The NDI image will have to be assigned/picked in one of your TC inputs. Audio from the laptop not so sure if audio follows NDI. I only use PPT w/out sound.

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    Scan Converter works just fine, we use it anytime we need to record presentation from a PC. You can select which audio output is sent with the NDI signal (if you have for example regular audio jacks or audio via HDMI; or you can send nothing). If you have displays set to extended, you choose which one you receive in TC.
    Only drawback is that it doesn't work on Win7. Vmix has a similar (also free) app that works on W7, but I haven't tried it as we are running W10 everywhere already.


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