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Thread: Facebook Live Screen Disapperars

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    Facebook Live Screen Disapperars

    Trying to set up to do Facebook live. After opening up the streaming button and getting to the Facebook page. The window disappears within 10 seconds. We have a scheduled live Facebook event in two days and I am not sure what to do other than go back to the I-phone. Any help?

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    What version of TriCaster? Facebook made changes to their API a few weeks ago which broke the Facebook streaming plug-in, some products have been updated and some haven't.

    If you are running Advanced Edition 3, TC1 or VMC1, make sure you are updated to the most current version. These versions have the Facebook streaming API fix.

    If you are running a system other than above, here are steps to stream to Facebook using RTMP streaming.
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    There is something buggy with the Stream setup for Facebook. As soon as I click the gear, the facebook settings page pops up and then disappears with a couple of seconds.....I had once found some Facebook cookie files and deleted them, but I do not see any cookie files in that locaiton now. If I can click quickly enough to select another connection in the dropdown before the window disappears, and I can get it ti stay up. But the moment I try to reconnect to Facebook again, the settings window disappears again. It's frustrating. I thought I had worked it out a couple weeks ago and got the Facebook setting set up and was able to do Facebook live to my Facebook page, but it no longer works. Something about Facebook login is apparently interfering with this process. Maybe I need to log out of Facebook on my desktop browser so I 'm not logged in anywhere else?

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