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Thread: With Today's Market, should you be a Generalist or Specialist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdkeast View Post
    The more independent you are, it seems the more of a generalist you have to be.

    Though, FWIW, Lost Boys seems to suggest they see a trend toward specialization.
    I disagree... STRONGLY. even the mayor studios (like Pixar) are cross training their animators. The walls that divide the aspects of a shot in a production environment are coming down, because of the advances in speed and tech.
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    I can't help thinking that the answer is that you need to be a specialist....who understands everything
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    My hunch is that it doesn't really matter as long as one keeps an adaptable mindset, even if it comes down to "fake it till you make it". That crosses with the Richard Servello interview thread by erikals, particularly at 8:59.

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    I enjoyed watching the video.
    I really want to be a great generalist, but also want to super specialize in character animation.
    I really loved to hear about sasquatch and Fprime, I am still using lw 9.6 and use them a whole
    lot for fun.
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    Thanks. We'll try to do more talks. I just need to balance these videos between work and family.

    I personally specialized in FX work, but started out as a generalist. Now that I moved back to New Jersey for family reasons, I find that being a generalist is pretty important to get a wide variety of work. I hope that Newtek continues to serve the generalist and make Lightwave the flexible and fast tool that it is. They finally got a gas solver, that is a big step in the right direction.
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