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Thread: Shakes fist at Newtek!

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    I don't think Steve is lying but you have to use common's a really really good editor. -S I still use it every day...pretty much. -S
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    In general, it’s not bad, but some things don’t work at all ...

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    I switched to Vegas, and used Edius and Resolve also.
    Still prefer Vegas for its interface, not so much for stability but Resolve also has unstable situations. A lot is related to GPU processing and codec issues but I think these kind of problems should never cause the interface to freeze or simply die, with or without error message. Especially when incompatibilities are known.

    I'm still enjoying its (Vegas) scripting capabilities for a tight integration with Layout projects.

    I've recommended this integration between Lightwave and SpeedEdit storyboard but unfortunately that never happened.
    Funny to see a "new" workflow in Vegas: storyboard representation of the timeline.
    Imagine story driven animations and post-processing/editing with SE and LW, both Newtek products.

    It could have been a very important new strategy, similar to the integration of Fusion in Resolve.

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    I absolutely hate vegas. I have tried to use it. I find the pan\zoom so cumbersome that I uninstalled it and never looked back. I loved it in the old days when it was audio only.

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    I love using Vegas Pro 17...until I don't.

    I've used Vegas Pro to edit all my personal projects for maybe 15 years now. For me, the UI is very intuitive and it loads just about any format (doesn't like .mov very much though.) I like the new Velocity curve--it makes retiming screen capture footage for 'tutorial' videos much easier for me. Audio editing is very nice too, especially when I'm cutting tightly to a music track.

    What I don't like about Vegas Pro: Not being able to zoom in on the playback window is annoying when I'm trying to make tiny adjustments to screen elements; mediocre drawing tools (i.e., filled shapes only, not able to do strokes.) I feel these are pretty basic things that I shouldn't have to jump into a compositing program for. Vegas Pro also has a few stability issues that have been around for many years.

    Sometimes I get tempted to switch to Premiere since I'm already paying for it (through CC.) But then I remember all the reasons I left Premiere for Vegas all those years ago.

    For now, I'm mostly satisfied with using Vegas Pro so I'll keep using it. I'd like to check out Resolve but I don't have time to mess with another editing program right now.

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    Vegas was a big No for me... not very user friendly / fast to work with, not very advanced either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_C View Post
    Full disclosure, I haven't been doing a whole lot of editing in the past few (maybe many) years , but for what I needed to do I found a way to still use SpeedEDIT. Using a super fast machine and rendering everything to SpeedHQ first and I have still been knocking out 1080 projects big bam boom. No problem.

    Well now I have to cut some 4k stuff, and no go with SE so I'm forced to learn a "modern NLE".

    Well, I say with peace and love... peace and love, [email protected] you Newtek for letting this most wonderful piece of video editing software become abandonware! My god doing the most simple things with these other behemoths is purely laborious!! I would already be done with the project and I'm still trying to figure out how to fade in a clip! :/

    Anywho.. guess I'll turn my attention back to suffering thru 10 minute you tube tutorials in order to learn how to do something that takes 45 seconds.

    Long live SpeedEDIT!
    This is coming very late but....

    I haven't used SE for a VERY long time but I remember that it was possible to do what you want in SE (i.e., work with 4K) via proxy files.

    You would have to convert the 4K files to HD or SD so you would have both the original 4K and the lower resolution (HD or SD) proxy files.

    Load the proxy files into SE for editing and when you're ready to render out a final edit, just change to file locations of the proxy files in the edit to point to the 4K version and SE will then use the 4K files for the final render.

    Job done.

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