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Thread: TriCaster 8000 Freezing up during playback

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    TriCaster 8000 Freezing up during playback

    3 times in the last month we've had a situation where our TriCaster froze during a production. All three times was during playback of an asset. We also record them locally to a hard drive. After the second time it froze, we cleared out the hard drive of old show thinking it may have been a space issue. It was fine for 3 weeks and then froze again last night.

    We are running build number 2-5-151113B.

    Any ideas of what might be happening or some appropriate troubleshooting steps. We have been using the TriCaster for several years without any issues of it freezing until recently.


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    have you replaced the removable drives? These media drives do a lot of work for playback and recording, they may have some bad sectors. Also ensure that you are not playing back and recording too many sources on any single drive. If the system has been solid for years I would suspect its the drives.
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    make a note of the time and check windows event logs and newtek logs at the same time. I've had this before a couple of times, one time it was a bad drive, another a SATA controller, but this isn't normal behaviour and your best bet is to contact support, as it could be any number of things. CS will need a bit more info and I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out.


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