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Thread: What type of files can be used for motion graphics in Buffers

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    What type of files can be used for motion graphics in Buffers

    I'm a newby and not sure what file type can be used for buffers. I'm trying to make a motion logo show up in the corner but would prefer not to use up a DDR for it. Can I do this in buffers and if so what file type would it require? Thanks in advance!!!

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    An apha channel will get you a long way for what you're wanting to do and more. 32-bit formats such as .psd, .png and several others available, but those are probably the typical choices.

    More complex stuff will depend on what you're using for your motion graphics & compositing, but dig into the capabilities of EXR. The main ones can handle those routinely. Plenty of tutorials out there.
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    To make an AnimBuffer you have to import the image sequence (I prefer PNG) into Animation Store Creator, which can be found in the Add-On on the TriCaster system. Then configure the settings and then export it. Once you done that, it can be loaded into a Buffer in the TriCaster.
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