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Thread: virtualinputs_toggle_animate_zoom on AE3

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    virtualinputs_toggle_animate_zoom on AE3

    Versions up to AE2 use to have a button/macro to switch between cut/zoom of comps speed. This will allow to switch between cutting from one zoom level to another and transitioning based on the selected speed.

    I can not find this function in AE3.

    I know we can set the speed to 1 and get the same cut effect but this does not allow to switch back to the preselected speed (only to a predefined speed in the macro).

    We need this function back as we use it a lot in virtual sets environments.

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    You can type in the speed control inside of the COMP panel. Type in a '0' for cuts.
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    As I wrote, I understand that I can try a speed for cut, but here's the scenario:

    Lets say the zoom speed is it to 10 sec. We are shooting a program, the director is asking to change the zoom speed to something a little slower, so we change it to 11 sec. Now we need to jump to cut and then get back quickly to the speed that was before the cut for the next movement. Since we do not know the speed that was changed, we can net set a macro for this. Typing the speed manually after each cut is a problem in production environment.

    I suggest two solutions:

    1) Return the toggle function
    2) Add two speed buttons: Cut and custom. Custom will remember the last speed before changing to cut.

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    The Speed options for Comps with a LiveSet loaded changed. I do not think this was deliberate, and I have written up a corresponding bug case.
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    Thank you, Steve


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