Hi All,

I just downloaded NDI IsoCorder, codec for PC and NDI tools to a Livestream Studio Box which is PC based. I can see the image in NDI tools, in the monitor application but do not see the sources image in IsoCorder. I do, however, see audio VU meters. I checked the firewall settings turned them off, updated the driver on the graphics card, a Nvidia GT610.

In the info in IsoCorder it says version:

But on Newtek’s website it says...
the latest version is 180525? I’ve downloaded it several times.

I also updated my livestream studio to the latest version number 5. But I’m not in the livestream software, just using the PC itself.

Am I missing a step to being able to see the video sources? Again, I see the audio VU meters and justva green screen for video??

This PC is running Windows 8.1 pro, has a GeFORCE 610 graphics card, an i7 machine, 3.4ghz and 16GB RAM.

Please advise!


Scott Wolfson