I have a Tricaster 460 that is an updated 455 for sale. It was only used by me for 4 or 5 three day conferences. It is running the standard edition software but is compatible with AE3 according to the compatibility checker. It has a 2TB drive for the drive bay. I also have V2.0 of Virtual Set Editor that has never been installed. I believe it is upgradeable to the AE version at no cost. Reason I want to sell is because I'm not using it anymore. I still use a VT5 for the video transfer projects that I do. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm asking $10,000 for it. You can add AE3 for $995, if you purchase by March 22 I believe. A new standard unit would cost about $14,995 plus $995 for Virtual Set Editor.

Marty Davis