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Thread: 4K NDI network equipment recommendations

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    4K NDI network equipment recommendations

    I have been tasked with setting up the network segment for our video production team. Here is the setup:

    1- Tricaster TC1 (in control room)
    4- Connect Spark Pros currently, max possible of 6(adjacent to control room)
    4- Connect Spark Pros currently, max possible of 6(conference room ~300FT from control room)
    All have 4K HDMI sources

    Off the cuff, I am figuring on two managed network switches, one on each end, fiber in between. I know we need something beefy from a switch performance standpoint, due to the 4K. We would like to stay with Cisco, as this matches the rest of our infrastructure. Does anyone have suggestions/tips based on their experience? I have tried finding documentation for switch specs but have not seen anything. Thanks.

    The other piece to this that I am unsure of is how to ensure that the Tricaster can handle as many as 12 4K streams. Can the two network cards be set to 'teaming'? It seems to me that the Tricaster would become a bottleneck. Thanks for your input!

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    You can connect both NIC on the TriCaster to the switch, you do not need to active teaming as NDI has built in support for multiple NICs.

    What is the bandwidth between the two switches. If it is 1GbE, this could be the big bottleneck in the workflow.

    As for bandwidth, the TC1 and the Spark Pro will communicate with each other and use the TC1 bandwidth management features to keep this all working. However, if you have other devices that will be connecting to these streams then you will make sure you account for that additional bandwidth as well. For example, if you are going to be using IsoCorder to record the 4K signals to disk, you will have both the bandwidth of the TC1 and the bandwidth of IsoCorder. The IsoCorder bandwidth can be much higher than TC1 since bandwidth management will not in be play with IsoCorder.
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