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Thread: Preferred Cameras for the TC1

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    Preferred Cameras for the TC1

    So we have had a TC1 for about a year now and we are in the middle of doing a big capital project, which would allow us to spend a significant amount of money towards new cameras.

    If you are looking to buy somewhere between 2-4 cameras somewhere in the price range of $1,500-3,500 per camera, what are some of the best options as far as brand/specs/etc. To put this in better context these cameras will be used to broadcast sporting events.

    Any help is appreciated.



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    Hi Tim,

    Check out the Sony PXW-X70 XDCAM model as a starting point for a nice SDI camera at under $1800. Includes:

    1080p60 with 10-bit 4:2:2 recording (dual SD card slots, for dual or relay-record)
    Excellent image stabilizer for handheld
    Built-in ND filters
    XLR Audio inputs
    SDI video output
    24x Zoom (12x optical, 24x total using the 4K sensor with no degradation at all)
    Can do 4Kp30 with optional upgrade (or purchase with 4K installed, less expensive to do it all at once)

    This is a smaller camera, but accepts third-party zoom controllers on tripod for smooth zooming.

    The image is incredible for a camera at this size and price point. Been using one for a couple years now.

    Panasonic has the new AG-CX350 4K Camcorder coming soon, and offers built-in NDI output via network jack!


    Jeff Pulera
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    Camera: Sony PMW-X70 4K
    Controllers: All variety of XKeys
    PTZ: Newtek NDIHX-PTZ1

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    Exactly the Camera that I was going to suggest.
    we got two of them when we upgraded to our 460 AE and have been very pleased.
    Tricaster 460 Advanced Edition 2, Tricaster 40 V1
    2 Sony PXW-X70 Cameras, 2 Panasonic AG-HMC40P Cameras
    VSE 2.5 - VSE Advanced Edition, A bunch of Doo-Dads and cables

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