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Thread: 3Play 330 / NDI

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    3Play 330 / NDI

    We have a 4800 but need additional inputs to record more camera angles. I have an old 330 in the closest. Assuming there aren't any updates or hacks to make the 330 NDI compatible (???), I could run one of the 330 outputs through a Spark or Bird Dog and convert it that way, correct? (I dont have any additional inputs on the Tricaster to use on a second 3Play so have to use NDI to make this work).

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    There are no updates to 3PLAY 330 to add NDI to it.

    Using an external box would be the solution, a BirdDog Studio, Spark SDI, NC1-IN or NC1-IO would all all you to take the SDI output of the 330 and turn it into NDI.
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