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Thread: LW2019.1 & NRC Octane rendering

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    LW2019.1 & NRC Octane rendering

    Hi everybody,

    I actually have a problem with NRC rendering using octane : when i send the scene to NRC, all is OK but NRC don't launch rendering : it stay on 'initialising' state...
    I've put the ocatne.cfg file on the root of the 'C' disk, as recommended by Juanjo...

    NRC rendering works perfectly with lightwave 2019 native renderer.

    Any help would be very welcome !


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    I do render with the very old Lightnet 4.1, and it works (single computer, lw 2019.0.3, not yet tested with 2019.1). I need turn off the Verify scene up to time, but it does its job, one scene after the other, all the frames (I save the frames with Octane Render Passes, not with the lw saver that always I keep off).

    With NRC I had always problems from 2018, I hoped with 2019.1 was all resolved but no.... it renders only the first frames, I think because the service receive the first command to render but NRC doesn't understand it began the render and always stays "Starting sequence", as show in the attached pic.
    I very very very hope something will be fixed very soon.

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    Have you submitted a bug report?

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