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Thread: Stream Config Stopped Working

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    Stream Config Stopped Working

    I'm trying to set up streaming to Facebook.
    I opened the Stream Config window. Created a 'Facebook' connection (Connection type = Flash, Profile = 1280x720 - 2048k).
    Logged into my Facebook account.
    Got the following error message:
    "Application.StreamingConfig stopped working"
    The only choice was 'Close the program'.
    I 'Restarted' the Tricaster (model 40v2).
    Same result.
    Shut the Tricaster down completely and restarted (cold boot).
    Same result.

    Any ideas for what to try next?

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    Not sure if it is related to this problem, but perhaps it manifests differently than in the other models. Facebook recently changed something that broke third-party applications like NewTek's.

    You might have to change how you are streaming into Facebook until the issue gets resolved.

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