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Thread: Facebook issues (again)

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    I'll try asking here instead of creating new thread:
    Yesterday we couldn't get one of our TC1s to stream to facebook at all...At first, we tried to stream to 3 different pages simultaneously (as a test, if thats even possible, i have editor rights to all three). That didn't work, so i tried just one of them. Didn't work either. So we tried another one, where I am administrator. Didn't work
    Tried to delete all presets, logout, create a new one, sign in...and nothing.
    So as a desperate measure, I booted up our second TC1 in different classroom, pulled NDI program from the first, setup the stream using the same account (only to the fourth page this time), hit the stream button...and it just worked. At that point I was just like WTF...
    They are both on the last software version.
    So is there a way to reset the facebook plugin or what should i do? And is it even possible to stream to multiple facebook pages at the same time?

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    I know that I can stream to two different Twitch accounts. I have different custom streaming profiles setup for different facebook pages, but haven't tried to stream to both of them at the same time. I thought that two simultaneous streams was the max.
    If you use an outside service such as Vimeo or JW Player you can do more streams.

    I was streaming from our TC1 to Facebook last Friday without an issue.
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    I have problem with fb and yt stream in last couple of builds. I set stream parameters,turn on stream and stream working fine. Untill i turn off TC 1. When i powered it on, stream cant start and i must delete fb and yt parameters i set, and set it again as new. then stream working. If i dont do that, when i start stream,program working for only one secound and turn off.

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