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Thread: TriCaster Advanced Edition 3 - For all Pro-Line!

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    I am having a little difficulty with recording H.264 for distribution. I configured Stream/Encode, but the file I get in the Encode folder is not usable. Once I have the recording configured correctly I am going to like AE3 a lot. Any suggestions for recording H.264?
    I found the problem with the Stream/Encode configuration. Stream #2 did not have anything selected for video. I selected MIX 1 and now I am recording H.264 in high bit rate for distribution just as I did in AE2. Now can anyone tell me how to add or subtract 12 hours from the clock IN AE3 like I used to in AE2?
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    We just updated our 860 to AE3 and everything seemed fine for a while. However now, when the multiviewer is connected I only get inputs and a clock on both monitors. After I disconnect the multiviewer I get what appears like the full GUI, but I've lost most of my Steaming/Encoding presets. I did a reinstall of the av3 app., but not a full restore to TA2 and then to TA3. I've also lost most of my sessions that we created. You can see them in windows explorer, just not in the GUI.

    Your help is appreciated.

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