I'm guessing this is something that's gone now and wasn't really a feature but a side effect of undo being the way it was. I just want to ask incase someone knows something I am missing.

In 2018 and before, you could set keyframes without altering the values pretty quickly. So if you had a ball at 0,0,0 position, and know you want it to start moving at frame 100 and your slider was on frame 100, you could quickly just slide the ball around in the axis you want to key (with auto key on), and it would generate a key. But you want it to be at 0,0,0 and now it's at 0,1.34,4.23 So you just hit undo. Ball goes back to 0 0 0 and keyframe remains. It was super fast for generating a keyframe at the value it was at and only in the channels you modify.

I know there are a bajillion ways to make key frames, like toggling on just the channels you want to modify, then hitting enter twice. Or going into the graph editor, etc. So I guess my question is, now that undo can actually undo keyframe generation, is this ability gone? I see some new auto key settings, but they don't see to really be the ticket.

Thanks for any advice. All is not lost, I can make due, I just keep doing the usual thing of say : Rotate in channels I want to drop a key, hit undo, move on and realize no keyframe was set because undo actually undid it.. lol. It's REALLY hard to break this habit.