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Thread: Allegorithmic joins forces with Adobe....

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    Sounds about right Rayek. Not saying Affinity photo and design is out of this world, but I like them and their pricing is nice and friendly to say the least. I don't need page layout per say but affinity is working on that as well.

    For freehand drawing and painting I've been messing with Leonardo. Sadly it's still windows only.
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    I did purchase Affinity Photo, but use it only for its photo stacking and HDR developing. For compositing I find it a bit too limited for my taste, but I am keeping an eye out how it evolves. For image editing and compositing jobs I prefer PhotoLine, and for digital painting/drawing Krita nowadays.

    PhotoLine can do things no other image editor is capable of. I love its layer stack. It also does simple DTP, although it's no match to Affinity Publisher, which I hope will fulfill our expectations.
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