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the LW manual is a little too much like "Button xE5vb90 activates function xE5vb90"
Yeah... it reads like stereo instructions, cos that's kind of what it is. How to operate the EQ switches is explained, but why you'd want to isnt. That's not product knowledge, its knowledge of the field (and its practicioners) the product is aimed towards.

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they took away the old renderer we all knew how to use, thus eliminating what would have been the transition period.
Its a while back now, but I seem to recall this was mentioned during 2018 beta, and part of what was communicated was the fact that because the geometry system in layout was being replaced, that there would have to be extensive rewrites to the old rendering system so as the (old) renderer could actually sample those surfaces. This would have added a good deal of extra work (recall, it was already aiming to be LW 2016), so you can imagine trying to wrangle all that on top of the new stuff. There was also the fact that, it would have meant maintaining 2 whole sets of everything... material nodes, lights, so you'd have had old version conductor, new version conductor... old version area light, new version area light... And if you'd mixed them up wrong in a single scene, you'd either get a messy render, or lots of back, or crashes.

I suspect that alone would have made the transition far harder for most folks, than the way it was done in the end.