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Thread: Swift 3D for Lightwave version 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norka View Post
    Oh lord, the memories came flooding back... Swift3D, SWF Encrypt, MovieClip, GotoAndPlay...Flash Projectors, Director... Interactive CDRoms... Eeeeeeeeee.. those were the days. Or were they?.... The one thing I DO miss is the compactness and portability of the SWF. That was effing nice. Being able to pack an entire crazy site for an ad agency, product mini-site, or a full visualization app into a handful of SWFs (sometimes just two - preloader and site/app) was quite wonderful.
    Definitely one of the high points was being able to create a single Flash Projector .exe and knowing that I could run it on any system and the product would work exactly the same because the player was embedded. It simplified so many things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Williams View Post
    BigHache Thanks in advance hope you find it
    Disc found, let me know.

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