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Thread: using Relativity

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    using Relativity


    In Lightwave 2018.0.6 I have modeled a flying craft (like a small airplane); I have its ‘landing gear’s wheels’ tucked in a bay, this bay has two folding doors, which fold up after take-off, and then open when the craft is going to land. I want to have the actions synchronized with four items, the control shifter for landing and take-off, the bay doors, the landing gear, and the rotating wheels. After I modeled my flying craft, I designed its control shifter, landing gear, wheels; and some morphs. I also have a morph where the engine chamber cover (hood) opens, another morph where the wheels fold up into the flying craft, and still a third morph where the flying craft’s landing gear doors would close or open. I developed my model with the wheels parented to my flying craft. Another step of the model/design was to use Lightwave ‘Relativity Tool- in the Motion Options pannel’ so that the wheels will rotate. I did measure the wheels Diameter using the measuring tool to make sure the wheels are sized to same diameter/ size. Part of this design was to open the Relativity Tool panel. And use the ‘Dr. Wheel rotator’ (tool) to enter the wheel information. After I enter each wheel’s information I attempt to move the craft. When I move the craft, my flying craft’s wheels will not rotate; and the morphs won’t work either. I have been working on this for three days and can’t find a solution to make the wheels rotate, and the other items synchronized to have a flying craft taking off, and then land in a correct manner. I would appreciate help from anyone who can give me some tips and or point me to the Lightwave manual for information, so that I can have the craft’s wheels rotate, and also synchronize the wheels, landing gear, bay doors, and the control shifter.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Rizwan,

    Same problem, Dr. wheel rotator in my opinion is broken, especially when the parent moves in a non linear fashion. ie if you are using TCB spline to move the parent, Dr. wheel rotator doesn't work well. If the parent is moving in a linear way it seems to work. Also Dr. wheel rotator doesn't like it if the parent is moving on a spline that has kinks and bends in it.

    LW3DG should rewrite this function as I feel it broke somewhere in the 10x releases.

    Maybe send a bug report.

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    works in 11,
    perhaps something broken in 2018?
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