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Thread: TC350: Rotate Camera

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    TC350: Rotate Camera

    High school teacher with a TC350 I used to use with the "Jumbotron" on our football field. Recently upgraded the equipment in the press box, so I now have the TC350 in my classroom. Playing around with the LiveSet functionality today. I know from watching a NewTek tutorial that often when using a green screen that the talent is shot "sideways" with the camera in what amounts to portrait mode instead of landscape. Is it possible, with the 350, to rotate the shot of the talent so it looks as it should on the live set?

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    I don't think so, but I'm not sure it would help much on a TC350 anyways.

    Part of the idea with the rotation of the camera was that even a SD camera could capture a vertical 720 pixels tall image, which give you something in the range of a HD signal as an input (all be it with much less horizontal resolution). The TC350 is only SD video, so I'm not sure if there is much to gain in this case.
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