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Thread: How to get customer support / How to check health of TC mini ?

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    Question How to get customer support / How to check health of TC mini ?

    Every now and then I have stuttery video recording with my TC mini. Like today I had a 2 hour session and I spotted two glitches in the program recording (picture freezes for 1/4 to 1/2 second).

    I record 2 ISOs on internal HDD 1 and 2 ISOs on HDD 2. Nothing else. No live stream activated. No DDRs or grafics are used. System is pretty much factory default, no background software installed by me. HDDs are less than 50% full and always defragmented after I clean the disks.

    This seems to happen randomly, at least I didn't find any relation to other circumstances. I had a look into TriCasters system log, but couldn't identify any irregularities or error notes at the relevant timecodes when the glitches occurred. I don't even know if it is already in the camera signal (SDI) or introduced during processing. I tried this and that to prevent or induce this error (and some technic-voodoo as well) but have no clue yet how to narrow down the problem.

    So, I probably need professional help. Should I contact Newtek directly and ask for remote support? Should I try to find a seller or freelancer who is in the area and may check the TriCaster (and the connected devices) on location? Any Germans reading this and have the knowledge to help?

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    Is your unit still under warranty? I have better luck with chat or email when dealing with customer support. Much better than trying to do the phone thing because it never works fluidly.

    If your unit is not under warranty, you may want to post some videos and see what other users think the issue is. If you think it is the drive, try recording to an external and see if that helps.....

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    Have you updated your software lately?
    You might try that. Also make sure that you make a backup of your system before updating.
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