Hello all,

I am working on a proof of concept in which I will need to stream 8 channels of NDI video with associated audio but that audio source is analog because of the current infrastructure. Part of the POC is to deploy and instance of Connect Pro to be able to pull those NDI streams into a single multiview environment on a web page. This is strictly for backend monitoring of various audio and video sources in a Museum .

My questions for the group are:
1. The easiest solution is to buy 8 Sparks, but I am exploring a multi HDMI capture card solution using software to encode to NDI but finding a card with an analog audio input is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated.
2. I know that Connect Pro doesn't pass audio so is there another web based solution that does? I know Sienna has a Mac based solution but I'm wondering if there are others (that are not in Beta)