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Thread: workflow for edition

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    workflow for edition

    Hi friends, can you advise me about a workflow for edition. I don’t have too much knowledge in edition.

    I don’t know how to set up the sequence for premiere. We mix on the final edition for a post production too many sources.

    Videoreporter has a sony camera that only can be setting on 1080i60 that material is mixed with some videos that download from internet , usually on 720 or 1080p but the final render is setting on 1080 30p and we export in h264 hd 1080p preset from premiere.

    Also I have the Tricaster recorder on 1080i60 as the camera on the Tvset are setting and record on the native mov file that Tricaster give me.

    So the final edition mix the Tricaster (mov in 1080i60) and the other editions that I described above. ( h264 HD1080p)
    What are the recommendation?

    Actually all the edition is set in 108030p
    The final product is send to Tv station as they requiere ( MXF as the format and XDCAMHD 50 NTSC for codec )and also we upload on social media using the preset for youtube 1080p

    I know I mix to different resolutions so what is your workflow?
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    Tricaster is the best thing that i've used since I played with my atari
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