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Thread: which is better - 32 core native render or amd system or dual 2080ti gpu with octane

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    which is better - 32 core native render or amd system or dual 2080ti gpu with octane

    Which one wold be better - the amd 32 core cpu system


    a intel sysem running at 4ghz with a dual 2080ti for octane?

    those would be the two types of systems i'm looking into - but i'm not sure which would be the faster- 32 cores with native 2018 or 2 latest gen gpu's using octane to render.

    anyone know which one is faster system?

    how would you even compare the two? is it apples and oranges?


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    It will be interesting to see what more knowledgeable folks have to say. Definitely apples and oranges, but if you are talking about pure rendering speed. Then I’m pretty sure Octane would win by a mile. Lightwave 2018 renderer is high quality don’t get me wrong, but not exactly speedy especially on my old 8 core Xeon. Meanwhile Octane is super fast on my first gen Titan and 660ti. I can’t imagine the speed on 2 2080ti’s.

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    I'm a new octane user (1 month). Me too I was in that situation: better buy a TR2990 or octane + nvidia?
    I have an i7 2600k now. I know for sure that the Threadripper 2990 is about 9 time more fast. The price of a complete computer is between 4000$ and 6000$.
    So I got a RTX 2800 (no TI), around 850$ in Italy, and rent octane for 20$ per month.
    To test the speed I tried to open some scenes and do all to get a render very close to the render made with lw engine. The speed is about 10 time faster... (some scenes more, some less) (NO DENOISE, I don't like it very much in animation).
    This in my work (industrial design, machinery, products). I can't talk for archviz, I read only that interiors need a lot of samples, but maybe with native engine is the same.
    Keep in mind that for now Octane doesn't "use" the new RTX, so a 2800 has the same speed of a 1080Ti. Someone says that octane will be very fast when will use the RTX technology (but when?).
    I read that a 2800Ti is about 30% faster than a 2800. So 2x 2800Ti how many times will be more fast than a TR2990WX?
    Don't take my words as a "rule", I can talk only about my job and about my tests... maybe with your scenes is all different.
    If you want, read these:
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    Though I don't really understand it, some sort of hobbling was found regarding Windows and Threadripper, where a very bright guy made a solution which has boosted performance.
    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX performance can see up-to 2X Boost with CorePrio tool

    I understand a 64 core AMD is in the works, so maybe cpu is not down and out for rendering quite yet.

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    There is no doubt. Dual GPU + Octane is faster now and will get faster in the near future with all the things they are doing to optimize Octane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    There is no doubt. Dual GPU + Octane is faster now and will get faster in the near future with all the things they are doing to optimize Octane.
    I'll bow to that, but can't help thinking there might be a gotcha or two. The images from this previous LW thread of render comparisons are now gone, but for anyone who remembers, featured an interior museum shot of a tyrannosaurus skeleton where the Octane image was the poorest one. The recent images from the RebelHill tuts of cpu LW are very impressive. But renderers never sit still, maybe things have changed since....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLexx View Post
    ...The images from this previous LW thread of render comparisons are now gone...
    The image hosting domain changed from to You can still see the comparison images if you seek them from the new domain.

    Test Scene

    min and secs

    87area light, 53 4K texture image, 1.48 million polygon

    Hours and minutes





    Supported features
    LW4, 7.5D, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 running portably on a USB drive.
    Active LW Development in 2020: DB&W | Deep FX | DPont | LWCAD | TrueArt | ...

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    As far as poor render quality.. don't worry about that. I'm in the Octane facebook group and my jaw drops everyday.

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    Fair enough Danner, and many thanks raymondtrace. A question please. We know Octane has plugins to natively integrate into all sorts of software like Lightwave, 4D, Maya, Carrara, etc, but are the plugins essential or can Octane Standalone singly handle those softwares by importing the scene files, allowing a single Octane license to cover everything ?
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    You can import FBX and Alembic into Standalone, but the best way is to export an Octane ORBX from your app and import that into Standalone, which obviously requires the plugin...

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    Here's a link to a similar thread I started a few months back

    I ultimately decided to go the CPU route again for now and I ended up getting a 2990WX and it's everything I expected. I wanted to be able to use all the features in Lightwave without any limitations and also wanted to have more RAM available for large projects while also being able to render quickly.
    Threadripper 2990WX, X399 MSI MEG Creation, 64GB 2400Mhz RAM, GTX 1070 Ti 8GB

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    If it were solely about rendering performance, then GPU likely wins outright -- but it really isn't. Depending on the scenes you deal with, there can also be a ton of implicitly CPU-bound computation required for features like dynamics, animation/deformation, and so forth, which currently don't benefit from GPU (but can benefit from faster CPU, or more CPU cores in some cases). It also depends on whether the other tools you use will benefit from GPU acceleration, or are best-suited to benefit from more/faster CPU cores instead.

    Understanding your end-to-end computing needs, and what percentage of that can benefit from GPU acceleration, is key to determining how much to invest in GPU hardware.
    John W.
    LW2015.3UB/2019.1.5 on MacPro(12C/24T/10.13.6),64GB RAM, NV 980ti

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    Hi, I have given up LW native render for Octane 4. My WS is faster than my whole render farm for animation.
    Doing archviz, I can render a 4K in less than 4mn. Last week I have bought an RTX 2080TI and installed it on my old WS for network rendering. Octane Network rendering is very efficient and I am wait for Aero RTX 2080 TI availability for adding three of them in my old WS…
    P.S.: My WS has a 16 cores Processor…
    Eddy Marillat - PIXYM
    WS : MB ASUS X299-Pro/SE - i9 7980XE 2,6ghz 18C/36T - 32GB Ram- 2 GTX 1080 TI - Win 10 64
    GPU Net Rig : MB Biostar - Celeron 2,8 ghz 2C/2T - 8GB Ram - 2 RTX 2080 TI - Win 7 64

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    I'm looking a lot of modleing work.

    so i'm wondering if getting an intel with the absolutely highest ghz clock rate that i can get would make sense as that would aid in overall set up of scenes, buliding of models.
    i think that is also something to consider.

    i may be working more in blender in the future as well, which has gpu rendering or even getting octane for blender and lw.
    (quick note if you get octane standalone - will that work for both a octane lw and an octane blender?)
    this guy goes up to 4.7 ghz which i think is insane speed - but only has 6 cores.
    a system with this would be the set up modeling system i think (but throw 2 2080ti's in it and its probably good for rendering as well)
    and then get the 64 core one for render farm.

    then there is this monster -

    which is also high turbo clock.
    2k though it would have to come down in price.

    its also only .2ghz faster than the amd 32 core. so 32 cores better than 18 maybe i have not seen a comparison yet

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