Hello everyone. Thanks for all the past comments that have helped me so much. I need help in knowing how to proceed. Click image for larger version. 

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I have this character that is going to have a mage type robe around her. I am also having someone rig the character as my attempts failed royally. It got me thinking though how to proceed with the robe. Do I have someone rig the character and then put the robe on? Do I just need to have a new robe modeled? And how will the character not push through the robe mesh when I move the character? I do know their is cloth fx but I have only used that once or twice for things like a table cloth falling and it was not complex.

If you have any thoughts, tutorials you know of or anything that might lead me to find the best path to proceed that would be super helpful. Thanks so much.

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Oh, and the robe you see there was not made for the character. I got it separate so it would take some work to get it to fit the character.