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Thread: Target not refreshing positions on muscle bones

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    Target not refreshing positions on muscle bones

    Hello and happy new year!
    I'm rigging a complicated bio-mecanical arm. The tendons deformation is really ugly when rotating the hand so I added some muscle bones to keep the end of the tendons (at the wrist) from deforming like bubble gum.)
    Now the problem is the muscle bones don't point at their target until I edit the target position (slightly moving them with autokey on). THEN the muscle bone jumps to It's correct orientation, until I move again to another frame and It needs to be manipulated again to correct the targeting.
    I'm using MikeGreen muscle bone script. It works correctly. I have no problem on very simple examples.
    I can post the scene if someone wants to have a look...

    Thank you
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    Its just evaluation order...

    You'll just want to do the targeting in the regular way.
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    Yeap. It seems that unchecking after IK in the follower windows fixed the problem. (I added a follower to the forearm 02 and 03 to follow the hand bank rotation 0.25 per cent) Thank you.
    I guess there is a way to setup the targeting in the graph editor expressions as well? (Should get evaluated first)


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