Howdy, so I use Scan Converter from the NDI 3.8 Tools to push into OBS on my machine I use for encoding my stream, what I have noticed in doing some investigation is that my monitor being 3440x1440 in resolution is forcing a downscale to 1920x804.

Is this a technical limitation of Scan Converter, NDI 3.8 or is it because the tool doesn't know what to do with scaling such an oddball resolution? I don't have a 4K screen to test what if any scaling is done at that resolution but 1080p scales 1:1 when I use that. Is it possible to 'force' Scan Converter to keep a 1:1 scaling or at least provide some form of option to customise the scaling yourself?

At the moment I 'crop' the source in OBS to fit a 2560x1440 game from this 1920x804 source that is being loaded into OBS (and Studio Monitor, this is where I first noticed it), it causes overall scaling issues with fonts and text that could be fixed if a better method of scaling was used. It's reached the point where I almost consider going to a capture card to grab the whole resolution which I really despise thinking about because I know NDI should be able to do this for me.

If this is on the roadmap for NDI 4.0 or whatever, fantastic, but as of now Scan Converter is looking like it might not do what I need.