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Thread: iPhone / router choice for NDI stream + best setup?

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    iPhone / router choice for NDI stream + best setup?

    Dear Pro's

    For a theatre piece I'm planning to use an iPhone6 NDI setup on stage, stream video to TouchDesigner through a (TP-Link Archer C5400) router.

    Or what mobile phone / what router would be most suitable / fastest / stable for this application? Is iPhone's WiFi best/fastest mobile hardware to work with Newtek's NDI mobile app...?

    I tested the iPhoneX, through another WiFi router, into TouchDesigner > I got a lot of "freeze frames" (once every 3 seconds) ... is this normal? Is this problem caused byhardware, software or NDI interface in general?

    ... Any help would help. Thanks !

    Ruben aka Herbie

    PS and I want to mod the iPhone lens so it can capture infrared light... Any experience with this...? ;-0
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    No help here. But this sounds awesome. But why the need to bring phones into it? I’d want wired internet and fast ndi connections. Especially since your using touch designer... which looks pretty great. I’m glad to see they have embraced ndi.

    P..s ok.sorryI see you’d need wireless because you’d need them on stage live streaming to touch designer probably and then that projecting to a screen.... Sweet.
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    I have had success using the iPhone camera adapter with 29v power supplies and the apple USB to ethernet adapter. The only issue is the adapter is limited to 100 Mbps. This will give you a hardwired option. I have yet to find a gigabit option.


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