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Thread: DDR last transition

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    DDR last transition


    I need to a have a different transition at the end of each of my DDR playlists (the transition that is used to wipe from the DDR back to whatever source is in preview).
    Even though I can place a transition in the DDR following the last clip, it doesn't seem to do anything.

    Any way to do this, besides manually selecting a transition for the background layer each time?


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    Normally, when using Take or Auto to transition from a DDR on Program back to another Switcher source, the current Background transition would be applied. Transitions in the DDR playlist have no bearing on this, as you've seen.

    The exception to this is when you use the "Show On" feature in the footer of the DDR to display the DDR on Program output, rather than using Take or Auto. In that case, you can optionally use a custom in transition, and a custom out transition (rather than the main Background transition).
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    "Shown On" works well as Steve mentioned. Optionally, you can use a macro to do this.

    Steps might be:

    Select DDR on Preview
    Set SINGLE or LIST mode in DDR as desired
    Set LOOP OFF in DDR
    Set desired transition
    (add few frames delay for transition to get fully selected)
    AUTO (to transition to DDR)
    (pause a few seconds to let current transition complete)
    Set desired transition for end

    I like to make my macros fool-proof, therefore the Autoplay/Single or List/Loop Off settings are part of the macro in case settings had been messed with. You get consistent results this way. Also a good idea to set DDR SPEED as well. Anything that could possibly be "wrong" with DDR settings should be reset by the macro to desired state, so no surprises when you run it!

    Just had another thought that might be much simpler - use Automation (which might require AE). For DDR, create one macro that selects the START transition, and another macro to set the END transition. Using Automation feature, run the START macro when DDR is on PREVIEW, and the END macro when DDR is on PROG. That will set the transitions automatically! That will be global though and happen every time you go to that DDR, since you are not pressing a key to make it happen on command. ANY time you go to the DDR, it's going to mess with transitions. If that's what you want, great.


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    Thank you both for the suggestions!


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