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Thread: Spark Pro video

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    Spark Pro video

    Want to know about Spark family of products, along with more information and a demonstration on Spark Pro specifically?

    Here is a video I put together on these products.
    Kane Peterson
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    NewTek, Inc.

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    Great Video Kane!
    Thanks for putting this together.
    For those of us dealing with IMAG, we are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of latency in our systems (when possible).

    We put together a video about a year ago and found that the latency on the NewTek PTZ1 camera was almost ZERO between the NDI and the SDI outputs.
    Unfortunately, we did get some latency when we compared it to other cameras plugged into our tricaster.
    We plan on doing a similar comparison again in about a month once we get some new cameras.

    Tricaster 460AE3 + LC-11
    Flypack: Router, switch, backup encoders, captioning devices, audio mixer, UPS, etc
    Cameras: Sony Z280, Z150, Spark & Bird Dog converters


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