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Thread: IP Panel and PTZ control

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    IP Panel and PTZ control


    it's not easy at all to select and control PTZ, including presets store and recall, from the IP Serie panels ( 2 stripes in my case) .

    From the latest user manual :

    Press an M/E button (1-8), MAIN, or FOLLOW STRIPE to reset the Joystick to the corresponding operating mode.
    To apply a stored camera preset (from 1-8), with the PTZ delegate button lit, hold down the CTRL button and press the numbered (M/E) button corresponding to the preset. To update a camera preset, hold down both SHIFT and CTRL at the same time instead when doing so.

    I'm running on TC1 the latest V6 180913 , which is supposed to be compatible with the panel. But it's a big limitation to get only access to the 8 first presets. Hopefully, I'm not running V7 , which is more than ever not an option there.

    Does someone have any advice ?



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    Further revisions to camera selection are coming to version 7 (primarily to support the Premium Access features, but PTZ will also benefit); I don't recall whether this affects the earlier version or not.
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