I have downloaded the SDK and have the sample WPF application running great in visual studio 2017 enterprise.

In my own app, I've added a ref to the dll and it all compiles fine.
If I add xmlns:NDI="clr-namespace:NewTek.NDI.WPF;assembly=NDIlibDotNet2" to my XAML. it all works fine as well.

However as soon as I add an NDI container, I start running into problems

<NDI:NdiSendContainer NdiWidth="1920" NdiHeight="1080" NdiName="Test" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch">

The application compiles and runs fine and is sending NDI frames perfectly.
However, after around a minute, the application stops running all its internal timers, no errors and nothing reported in the output, it just stops working.
However it is still sending out NDI frames perfectly.

As soon as I remove the NDI container from the XAML, it goes back to working perfectly again.

Its a scoreboard application receiving weird pseudo XML over UDP from a non standard scoring system and it displays the data graphically.
Because the data is not XML compliant, I do have to do some weird parsing stuff and the app has a lot of timers.

Its C# 4.6.1.

Has anyone come across anything like this before?