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Thread: Can't Get LW2108 Licensed

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    Can't Get LW2108 Licensed

    Installed latest LW2018.0.7 from my User Account page onto a "new" laptop. Laptop is running Win10 with Insider Preview Fast ring, ver 18290.1000. I quoted new because this laptop is a 2 year old but fast machine and decided I'd use this now instead of an older slower laptop.

    When I drag the license key file onto the splash screen it seems to accept it but when LW is restarted it remains in Discovery Mode and says there's multiple license key files (there's only the one) and same prompt is up to drag/drop. Also, Lightwave program files are identified as malware by Bitdefender.

    Another thing I noticed is when LW is installed, it does not appear in Apps & Features in Settings/Control Panel as a listed installed program. Also, Newtek's own Uninstall Lightwave utility does not work. Very strange.

    I've tried disabling Bitdefender and actually went as far as resetting laptop back to original Win10 to no avail.

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    Multiple installs on same machine, perhaps one marked as malware in quarantine, etc. which is confusing LW?

    LW shouldn't normally come up marked as malware by Bitdefender (f.e. 2018.0.7 doesn't here), further suggesting there might be another install of potentially dubious src somewhere in that machine -- perhaps in another user account or such?
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    Thanks for the reply. I spent the whole day yesterday troubleshooting this. I ended up doing a total clean Win10 reset and updated system and reconfigured my user account. Then I installed LW which installed properly this time. After that I installed Bitdefender and then went and installed LWCAD18 and other software back in. All seems good now. Just a frustrating time yesterday but hey, at least I got to catch up on shows during the process.
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    when this happen you can do this:
    1. close lightwave
    2. search in windows, type cmd
    3. navigate to lightwave folder, then bin folder
    4. type:
    configure unset
    5. type
    configure set
    6. open lightwave and drag and drop the license or copy it to c:\user\<user name>\.Newtek\2019.0 (or whatever version)\licenses
    7. Run lightwave now
    it should work now

    this clears and resets the firewall settings for lightwave
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    Hi, I'd like to add here, that Windows firewall also needs to be running, otherwise the licensing does not work. I don't know why, but that's how it works.

    Also, if you have ZoneAlarm firewall it causes problems, so that if the ZoneAlarm taskbar program is running you can't run both Modeler and Layout at the same time without the other going into Discovery mode for some reason. You can however run either one of them alone without any problems, but if you want to run both you need to first close ZA taskbar program, then it works. ZoneAlarm service however does not interfere and can be left running. This applies at least to Windows 7 Ultimate, but I assume it's probably the same with all Windows versions.


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