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Thread: Once More into Excel (DataLink)

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    Lightbulb Once More into Excel (DataLink)

    So I've been spending some time with the AutoData Excel file akascooter made a while back, link here to that thread, and have loved using it for basketball and wrestling. As I've been using it I've also been trying, FOR 5 YEARS thanks WeatherBug, to get data from a weather station 85 feet away from my desk. Last week something clicked and after 7 hours in Excel I came up with the attached.

    If you look the RAW worksheet does a online query, a basic Excel feature, and the EXPORT page is modified to output only the 'vital' information I need. The only 2 problems I have now is making the Excel query pull happen faster than a minute and getting Excel to update the .txt file without the need of a Ctrl+L. I'm still googling the solutions to those...

    What this means: We'll finally be able to do a 'Current Conditions' opener for weather segments and after some more tweaking I should be able to get it to auto fill a 5 day forecast.

    Next up is to try to get my Raspberry Pi 3 pull and host the data so I can bypass LiveText and input everything into a TriCaster with a Buffer. If I can do that for our daily show I can then go one more step further and have out TV station show that data live as well.

    I hope this post helps someone out there...
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    Oh, that sounds COOL.
    I'm going to add it to my "figure it out" list.

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