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Thread: Beloved NewTek family member passes

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    Beloved NewTek family member passes

    Many here will be personally saddened (as I was) to learn of the loss, on Friday past, of a dear friend and member of the NewTek family, Don Ballance. Don was much, much more than a 'staff member' here, and we know you will share our deep sense of loss, and all the more so for the countless number who had the opportunity to learn from and interact with him over his years with us.

    Here is a link to the relevant post and conversation, which you are of course welcome to contribute to:
    Regards, Steve
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    Very sad for the loss of a great man. Thoughts are with the entire Newtek family today. I think there's probably nary a person here who doesn't owe at least some small part to their own Tricaster story to this man.

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    Very sorry to hear that.

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    in my book, everyone who has battled is a Hero!
    sending my best wishes to his family.

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    Stumbling across Don's Tricaster and 3Play training videos was my first exposure to Newtek. Had no idea what he was going through. Might have to go watch some old training videos in his memory today

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    To borrow from a line you always said in your demos; Here's to you now having an unlimited supply of "Krispy Kremes and Mountain Dew".

    Rest in peace Don, you will be missed.
    Jonathan Crowe
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    Just wanted to say that I learned alot from Don and he was entertaning also...a true professional! - slf
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    Don was our first exposure to Newtek when he and Kiki did a lightwave / tricaster demo decades ago in Sacramento. We have been customers ever since.
    RIP Don and condolences to his family (and his Newtek Family).
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