Hey All,

I've been using the RED Hydrogen One for a few months now and did a number of render tests by churning out 2 stereo pairs.
First set at 70mm and the second at 140mm.
My question is whether there's a way to set up a 4-view (dual stereo) camera rig and render Far Left, Left, Right and Far Right at the same time instead of rendering the entire scene once for a 70mm separated pair and then once more for a 140mm separated pair.
Obviously the camera distance should be allowed to be adjusted for each particular scene.
Have a look at this example of what I'm after.
Click image for larger version. 

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Leia has a Unity and a Maya Plugin where you can preview directly on the Hydrogen One display and I can have multiple cameras rendering the same scene at the same time with SESI's Houdini.
But I need my dear Lightwave to work!

Thanks for any input.


PS, Rendering for the Hydrogen looks awesome!